Wednesday, September 07, 2005

PM Civil servants mu

PM: Civil servants must be fit
By Hamidah Atan

Wanted: Civil servants who are intellectually, morally — and physically — fit. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the "complete civil servant" was one with all these attributes as only then would he be able to discharge his duties efficiently.

"For us to develop efficient human capital, we need people who have calibre and are physically and spiritually strong. What is the point if we are good in work but always sick, coming to the office only four days a week with the rest of the time on sick leave?

"We need to be intellectually, physically and morally strong to be good workers and have a towering personality."

He was addressing civil servants from various agencies and departments under the Prime Minister’s Department at their monthly gathering here.

Also present were ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department and Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Samsuddin Osman.

Abdullah said civil servants must continue to add value to themselves and be more knowledgeable to compete with others.

"If we are afraid of competing because of the fear of losing, we will lose out completely. If that is our attitude, we can never win or achieve success."

He added that quality and efficient manpower in the civil service contributed to the nation’s progress.

"Computers serve as tools for us to work faster but a strategic, proactive and dynamic move is our own doing, resulting from our resilience and commitment."

He said no country could progress if its manpower was weak, unreliable and lacking knowledge, especially in science and technology.

"I have often reminded Malaysians of the need to continue improving ourselves. But are we for this? We must continue adding value to ourselves."

He also touched on skyrocketing crude oil prices.

"We will face all this with confidence, open minds and commitment. God willing, we can overcome it."

He said the Government would adopt suitable approaches to ease the financial burden on the people.

Abdullah said the Cabinet would discuss oil prices and ways of addressing the matter at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

NST 6 September 2005

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